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Lectures and Courses

I teach courses and give lectures at Kibesuisse, at the Fachschule Viventa and at various daycare centers and public schools. I have also given lectures at various universities and colleges in Switzerland, including the University of Zurich, the College of Education in Zug, the College of Social Work and the College of Social Pedagogy in Lucerne. I hold the SVEB Certificate 1 for Adult Education from the Swiss Association for Continuing Education.


You can engage me for presentations, workshops or courses in your organization. These can be held in English, German or bilingual.


Topics include, for example:

Fees for lectures and courses at your organization in the Zurich area (incl. preparation and follow-up):

  • Full-day course: CHF 1600.

  • Half-day input or workshop: CHF 900.

  • Lecture with discussion (approx. 2 hours): CHF 600.

  • Courses lasting several weeks: by arrangement

Travel expenses are incurred for courses outside of Zurich. 


Modest discount for non-profit organizations by arrangement.

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