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About me

II was born and raised in the United States. There, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Human Development at Boston College and my Master of Arts in Clinical Social Work at the University of Chicago. I have lived and worked in Switzerland since 1991. I have been working in the fields of social work, psychosocial counseling and as a teacher for psychology and education for over 30 years. Around 2012 I discovered Mindful Self-Compassion, which has been a central part of my life and work ever since. As an accredited teacher, I have been teaching courses in Mindful Self-Compassion for teens and adults since 2017. In 2020, I completed the three-year, bso and SGfB accredited advanced training in Integrative Counseling / Integrative Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Body Psychotherapy IBP.


I currently work as a counselor at Elternnotruf (Parents' Emergency Hotline), where I support parents by phone, by e-mail, in person, or via video consultation. I also have a private practice for counseling, courses and lectures.


When I am not working, I love spending time in the forest and by the lake, and I draw strength from nature, from my practice of mindfulness and self-compassion, from my close relationships, from hiking and dancing. I am married and have two adult "chosen daughters", two small grandchildren and three adult stepsons.

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Professional Background

My work as a psychological counselor and course instructor incorporates Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP), and systemic resource-oriented approaches. I have developed these and other areas of expertise through various in-depth trainings and a wide range of professional experiences over the past decades.


My work has been shaped by both Western humanistic and Eastern philosophical traditions. Some important figures whose philosophies and methods have influenced my thinking and practice include Wilhelm Reich, Fritz Perls, Heinz Kohut, Carl Rogers, Gene Gendlin, Virginia Satir, Jack Lee Rosenberg and Bessel van der Kolk. From Eastern and eclectic traditions, the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Christopher Germer have shaped my life and work.


If you would like to learn more about my background and qualifications, you can view my resume below.

Counseling Approach and Attitude

As an integrative psychological counselor, in addition to empathic listening and compassionate and solution-oriented dialogue, I also utilize methods from body psychotherapy, such as breathing and grounding exercises, and from Gestalt therapy, such as working with props (chairs, pillows, and other objects) to make relationship dynamics, patterns, and feelings more palpable and visible. Sometimes I also incorporate psychoeducation to help clients better understand issues that affect their experience, behavior and relationships, such as the systems of emotion regulation or the neurobiology of stress and relaxation.


My understanding of crises and professional support


I view conflicts and crises as an integral part of life. Although they are usually very unpleasant, they can also set developmental processes in motion, prompting people to confront personal patterns, conditioning, and relationship dynamics. They can therefore also be a valuable opportunity for growth, if one is willing to engage in the development process.


I see my task as supporting clients to be compassionate toward themselves in difficult situations and in discovering and developing resources with which they can overcome challenges and achieve greater health, contentment and joy.



As a client, you will experience with me:

  • an authentic, interested and compassionate human being

  • a counselor who offers you her presence, her years of experience and her diverse professional tools to support you on your path of development

  • a supportive framework in which all feelings have a place and where new and healing experiences can be made

  • a safe space where you can show up with everything that belongs to you, where there's room for tears and laughter, and where positive change can take place.

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